I would highly recommend Robin. This process has been very transformative. Robin works on a very deep level and as helped me to make so many life changes that I did not expect. Robin is very intuitive and gets to the root of the problem. In a few short months, she has helped to me to see patterns that were keeping me from moving forward. I now feel much lighter and feel more in control of my life.

Ilene S.

My husband and soul mate passed away five years ago and I felt so sad and lost without him. Although I had been greatly helped with grief counseling, I still felt quite paralyzed in so many aspects of my life.

When I met Robin, I immediately took a liking to her. As soon as we started working together, I felt very comfortable opening up to her. She understands my issues and has such an interesting approach to analyzing them. Her focus is to look forward, starting with the here and now. In every session that we have, I experience several “aha moments” when she recaps my concerns in a different light. After the sessions, the lessons tend to mature in my mind, which allows me to apply my newfound wisdom in real life.

The most recent, most powerful “aha moment” I have experienced, is realizing some core issues about myself. This realization allows me to set clear and realistic goals for myself… to walk down a well-defined path in my decision making process, so to speak. Amazingly, I have seen immediate results from these realizations and have been able to make very big and important life changing decisions with a calm, positive and peaceful approach. I am so impressed with Robins ability to quickly find the essence of my struggles, whatever they may be at the time, and suggest solutions that addresses the core issue in a positive and encouraging light.

I am so glad that the universe brought me to Robin and very grateful for all the help I have already received from her. I highly recommend Robin to anyone who needs a little help to find their own path in life.


Working with Robin is a powerful experience unlike any I’ve had with any other practitioner . Her clarity and ability to tune in to what’s at the heart of what’s holding me back and to do so without judgement frees me to open up, relax, and do my best work for myself. Her quiet, steadfast advocacy feels like the rarest and finest of blessings.

L. C.

After my intuitive reading with Robin I felt lighter, calmer and more at peace. Her reading aligned with other information I have received and with what I know to be true in my heart. Robin is deeply skilled and intuitive.

S. H.