Why work with me?

I help people find their true path.  I LOVE digging in.  No subject is too big to ponder.   I find deep joy in working with women who are ready to find their true essence and create a life they love.

A Bit About Me

My whole life has been geared toward the study of behavior.  It started in college, and has continued throughout my career.  Initially my focus was at the organization level with HR executive management and Organization Development, but I gradually began working at the individual level with Executive Coaching. My passion for working with the whole person fueled my transition from the corporate environment into life coaching.  I feel that my career path has been a training ground that ultimately brought me here.

How I came to Life Coaching….

Throughout my life there have been times when I felt The Universe has sent me messages.  Messages about changes I needed to make to be more aligned with my true nature.   The messages usually came at times of major transition.  Although not always immediately, fortunately I listened to these messages and they always led me to a better, more peaceful place. The most recent and most powerful message was a few years ago, as my daughter was getting ready to graduate from high school.   I had left my work as an Executive Coach a few years prior, and was working as a fashion consultant.  Although it wasn’t a dream job, it was a ton of fun and provided me connection with other women and opportunity for personal development – two things I know I must have in my life.   Shortly before my daughter’s graduation, I began “hearing” the message “Clear Your Plate”.  Given that I was soon to be an empty nester, this seemed a bit weird.   Clearing my plate at a time when I was going to have more time to myself than ever felt a bit counter intuitive.   But the message was persistent, so with a bit of trepidation I cleared my plate.  For the first time since starting to work at 13 years old, I left a job without knowing what was next.   Only this time, deep in my soul, I knew there was something coming and I needed to be ready.

Boy, did I need to be ready!   My daughter’s transition to college was a painful one.  For her, and therefore for me.  Our connection is very close and I weathered every emotional storm with her as if it were my own.  She made it through that first year, and is now flourishing.   I knew that there was no way I could have been there for her, in the way I needed to be had I not quit my job.

At about the same time, a friend approached me to join a team of four women she was putting together to create a Mindfulness training program.   None of us had any idea what the program was ultimately going to look like, but for whatever reason we all felt compelled to dive in.   Together we developed a wonderful program and had the most soul-fulfilling experience in the process.

One of the women on our team is a Martha Beck certified coach.  As we spent more time together, I became more and more intrigued with the training she had received.  Despite having received a coaching certification 11 years earlier, I felt like this was the path I was meant to take and signed up for the coach training.  Once again, I followed my heart. It led me to doing work I love with women who fill me with awe and gratitude for giving me the honor of working with them.

What I know for sure is that The Universe speaks to us.   It guides us toward our true path.  It starts quietly with a whisper, and gets louder until we pay attention.   When we don’t pay attention, we pay dearly.   We get sick.  Our bodies rebel.  Our Essential Selves scream at us until we have no choice but to listen.   Really listen.  With our whole selves.

The Official Stuff:

Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

Graduate and Professional Intuitive Reader of the ARTS Intuitive Reading Program

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from The Coaches Training Institute

Certified in the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator assessment

Masters in Organization Development from University of San Francisco

BS degree in Psychology from Santa Clara University